Camino Nuevo CA High School

Photography by Tim Griffith

Owner: Pueblo Nuevo Development
Architect: Daly Genik, 1558-C Tenth Street, Santa Monica, California, USA
Installer: Tecta America
Location: 3500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, California, USA

Products Used

Providing value and protection that met the architectural vision of the project.
Dealing with  a narrow, compact property resembling a traffic island, the Camino Nuevo Charter Academy sought a modern facility that maximized the use of that limited area to create an attractive, high-quality educational space on a non-profit's budget.  
Their architect turned to Morin for cost-effective, best-in-class solutions that satisified the client's needs. 
  • Manufactured in 24 guage Galvalume 55% Aluminum-Zinc coated steel for ultimate durability.
  • 130,000 square feet of Y-36, C-37-7/8, and E8-40 exposed-fastener panels both solid and perforated.
  • Zinc Gray and custom Yellow baked finish for long-lasting beauty.
  • 1,100 square feet of SWL-18 Standing Seam roof panels
Using products such as Morin's perforated metal panels allowed the placement of the structure close to a busy street while allowing a connection to the outside with privacy and solar shielding to windows along that elevation.