MorZip® – Wall to Roof and Back Again

MorZip®, a dual purpose single-skin wall and roof system, offering maximum design flexibility! The MorZip® profile is designed for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. MorZip® does it all, providing seamless transitions from wall to roof and back again. MorZip® affords you the opportunity to design freely with convex lay-down or mechanical curves; concave mechanical curving and both curved and straight tapered panels. No longer are you restricted to selecting a separate wall and roofing panel. Morin does it all with MorZip®, naturally in copper, zinc, stainless steel and aluminum and in painted aluminum, Galvalume or Zincalume. 

Effective immediately, Morin announces the new partnership with DI Roof Seamers (Development Industries, Inc.) to supply our customers with seamers for Morin’s MorZip® and SLR standing seam metal roofs. To learn more AND to place your order, go to Direct any questions regarding these seamers to 1-888-343-0456.