Source: www.zinc.org/sustainability

"Due to their intrinsic properties, metals are widely used in the building and construction sector. Zinc sheet and zinc-coated steel sheet are excellent materials for cladding, roofing, window frames, rain-water collection systems, heating equipment and counter tops. Brass and zinc die castings are used extensively in plumbing, builder’s hardware and many other applications. Zinc is equally at home in old and historic buildings as well as in new, modern architecture.  Zinc building components are weatherproof, corrosion resistant and immune to the harmful effects of UV rays, ensuring a very long service life without degradation.

In addition to durability, zinc coated steel framing can bear higher loads with less material than dimensional lumber. This imparts a high degree of design flexibility but also saves considerably on material usage.

When a building reaches the end of its life, a considerable proportion of its zinc-containing products can be directly re-used and the functional life of these parts can be extended. When a zinc-containing building product eventually reaches the end of its life, it can be fully recycled. Today, more than 95% of the zinc products used in buildings is collected at end-of-life. This collected zinc can be recycled without loss of quality. Because metallic bonds are restored upon re-solidification, metals continually recover their original performance properties, even after multiple recycling loops. This allows them to be used again and again for the same application. By contrast, the performance characteristics of most non-metallic materials degrade after recycling." 

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David Brower Center

Brower Center, Berkeley, California, USA
(Photography by Tim Griffith)